I'll post TS3 houses & sims that i do here, feel free to download! :D

NOTE!; If you search after houses in my search bar, search ''ts3houses'' & ''ts3sims'' for sims. Or the house/sims name without space.
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I needed to do something ”out of the box”. Feel free to download.        

~~~~~~~~DOWNLOAD HERE~~~~~~~~

A single house, 1 bedroom, 1 bath & kitchen/livingroom mixed together. The basement/first floor are unfurnished!

More pictures of the house HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

This house is to my friend Oliver , feel free to download.

I have worked on it for a long time, i build it from scratch. 

Familyhouse, 1 bath, 3 bedrooms. Large & full of space since i didn’t do anything with the second floor.

Virus free, contains CC. Download it HERE

Hope you enjoy!

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